Getting An Eye Exam


Going to the eye doctor is something that not a lot of people do each year, but it is something that should be done annually. You make sure that you visit a doctor or a dentist once a year, and it is just as important to visit the eye doctor. The problem is that problems with the eyes can occur so slowly that you do not realize that they are happening until it is to late. Your eyes are something that deserve to be treated well, so you owe it to yourself to get your eyes checked at least once a year. If you have never gone to an eye doctor, here are a few things that you can expect from your first appointment.

The Snellen Chart

One of the most popular tests that you will go through is looking at the Snellen Chart. This is the chart that you see all the time in doctors' offices. There are letters that go from big to small. The eye doctor will ask you to recite the letters back to him or her with both eyes open at first. Then the doctor is going to ask you to repeat the letters back with one eye covered, then the other eye covered. This is to give the optometrist an idea of how poor or how good your vision is. Just because you are at the eye doctor does not mean that you are going to need vision correction.


The optometrist may next sit you in a chair and start showing you many different lenses. During this test, do not get frustrated; just do the very best that you can. He or she will ask if things look better under one lens or another lens. There are going to be times when both lenses look very similar or that are both bad. Just do your very best to describe what you see.


One of the most important aspects of an eye exam is checking to see if the eye is still healthy. The doctor is going to take multiple high resolution pictures of your eye to check and make sure that everything is working correctly. You do not want to have a lot of pressure in your eyes, so the doctor checks your eye pressure. He makes sure that all the blood vessels are working properly and that your retina and cornea are in good shape. Once the anatomy of your eye has been checked, you will usually be good to go. 

For more information about your eyes, visit a local optometry clinic, such as Cripe Stephens & Stickel.


25 April 2017

Visiting Your Optometrist Early

When a friend of mine started experiencing cloudy vision, they decided to put off a trip to their optometrist's office. Unfortunately, three months later, they found themselves completely blind in one eye—a condition that ended up being permanent. It turned out that they had an undiagnosed eye infection that destroyed their vision. After hearing about that problem, we realized that it might be smart to visit our eye doctor early—before permanent problems set in. Check out this blog for reasons not to skip out on early vision appointments, so that you can protect your family's vision and keep everyone happy and healthy.