Preparing For Lasik Eye Surgery: What To Know


Lasik is a procedure in which the cornea in the eye is repaired and corrected to allow you to see properly. It's a quick procedure that is done in a single day and your vision is drastically improved in just a few days. Before having Lasik eye surgery, there are things you should know and preparations you should make beforehand. Read on for helpful information to prepare you for your eye surgery.

Shop Ahead Of Time

Get all of your grocery shopping and other errands done beforehand. After the surgery you aren't going to be able to do too much and won't be able to see much, so shopping for necessities is going to be out of the question. Get all of these errands done ahead of time. If you aren't able to get it all done, make sure you have someone to help you after the surgery if you need any necessities.

Have Help In Place

You aren't going to be able to drive after the surgery, so you'll need to be sure you have someone in place with you to drive after the surgery. You may also need someone in place to help you if you have small children (or even older children). You are going to need help making dinner, taking care of the kids, and other daily activities. Be sure you have someone to help you do all of these things. If you don't have anyone to help, you may need to hire someone to help you for just a day or two.

Fill Medications Beforehand

Before the surgery, you should have all medications filled. You aren't going to want to stop on the way home from the surgery center, so be sure to have all prescriptions on hand and fill them before the surgery even takes place. Even if you don't think you will need them, you can't be sure and don't want to be left without them. Ask your optometrist about having the prescriptions filled beforehand.

Understand The Outcome

After your surgery you still will not be able to see without your glasses. The surgery doesn't repair your vision right away and can take a few days before the correction takes effect. Be sure to have eyeglasses on hand to wear so you can see properly. Even if you just need a pair of reading glasses from the pharmacy to help you see, make sure you have these on hand.

If you are planning on having Lasik eye surgery, make sure you are prepared before your surgery. Talk to companies like Cornea Consultants of Nashville about other helpful information to prepare you for your surgery.


10 June 2019

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