Choosing The Right Eyeglasses: 4 Tips


You'd think that choosing a pair of eyeglasses is a simple task, that is until you're in the store looking at hundreds of frames that all begin to look the same after awhile. It may feel like an impossible fete that you'll ever find that perfect pair to suit you, but you'll find them. Read the tips below to help guide you and narrow down your search.

1. Shop In Store

Shopping on-line for some things may make your life easier, but buying eyeglasses is not one of those things. You need to actually try them on to be sure they fit your face, a photo with frames photo-shopped on your face is not the same thing. Shop in a store so you can feel how the nose pieces feel, so you can see the color up close and feel the weight and feel of the glasses on your own face.

2. Take A Friend

Take a friend or loved one with you to choose your eyeglasses with you. It may be hard to make the decision yourself, and having another set of eyes can come in handy. They can help you find eyeglasses that they think will look good on you as well and help narrow down your search a bit.

3. Narrow Down Your Style

Narrow down your search a bit by taking your own style into account. If you don't like the plastic frames, this can take nearly half of the frames out of your decision. If colors are out of the question, you can rule those out right away as well. If you don't like nose pieces, that takes a lot of the metal frames out as well. Think about your own style and what you do and don't like, then start looking from there.

4. Consider Your Face Shape

If you're looking for frames that will look good on you, then you have to consider your face shape. Take a dry erase marker and trace the shape of your face in the reflection to truly see your face shape. Choose your frames based on what will look good on your face shape. If you have a round face, round frames aren't going to look good on you, frames with angles will be more flattering. If you have a square face or a long face, then frames wider than your face (such as cat eye frames) will look best on you. 

When shopping for new eyeglasses, use the tips above to help you. Talk to the sales professionals at the eyeglass frame store to help you find frames that look best on you as well. 


29 October 2018

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