Is Your Shy Child Getting More Withdrawn Due to Strabismus? Contact an Optometrist Now


A shy child can be hard to raise. They are very fun and engaging around you but struggle to connect with others. And you were hoping that school would bring your child out of themselves. However, an eye condition known as strabismus seems to make them even shyer than they were before. Therefore, you need to visit an optometrist to give them the chance of overcoming this condition.

How Strabismus Impacts Your Child

Strabismus is a common condition that causes a child's eye to lose it is position and move either inward or outward. Thankfully, this condition is very treatable but can be devastating for a child until they get treated. For example, many children feel very self-conscious about their eyes and may react poorly to it. This problem is probably even more prominent in children who are already shy.

Shy children are often those who have trouble connecting to others or who lack emotion, and strabismus may cause increasing shyness and troubles adjusting. Even if their peers are very understanding of your child's eye, they may see it as a bigger deal. Therefore, they may withdraw into themselves even further and leave you in a tough situation. Therefore, you need to do what you can to manage this problem ASAP.

Options to Consider

If strabismus is causing your shy child to get even shyer, you need to seriously consider treatment. Typically, you want to visit an optometrist as early as possible when you notice your child's eyes losing their proper alignment. That's because early treatment (such as corrective lenses) may be all that is necessary. These glasses will draw the eye back towards the proper alignment and avoid any issue.

If you wait any longer, your child is likely to experience more emotional troubles and experience increasing vision troubles. These may require them to get vision therapy, such includes a series of activities that help to train the eye to look properly. Unfortunately, delaying too long could make the condition impossible to correct without surgery, which may further upset your shy child even more.

So if your shy child is suffering from strabismus and you are worried about their overall health, please contact local eye care services to get help for your child. These experts can help you better understand the issue. Then, they can provide treatment that ensures your child's eyes regain their natural look as soon as possible.


13 December 2019

Visiting Your Optometrist Early

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