Why You Should Stop Putting Off Your Next Eye Care Exam


Has it been a while since you've last gotten your eyes checked out? Even if you think your eyesight is generally fine, there are a variety of reasons why you may want to get a check-up at your local eye care center an annual tradition. Today's optometrists do much more than just asking you to read from a chart. Here are just some of the reasons why you should get a check-up from an eye care professional in the near future.

You Might Be Struggling at Work, School, or On the Road and Not Even Realize It

Your vision may very well seem just fine to you, but how do you know if you haven't been tested in years? Sometimes even just the slightest change in a prescription can work wonders for your vision. You might not be seeing things as clearly as you could while reading signs on the highway or trying to read something at the office from across the room. A better prescription will lead to less squinting and an overall better quality of life. It might even keep you safer if it gives you just a bit more time to react to something out on the road.

An Eye Care Check-Up Can Catch a Developing Problem Before It Gets Worse

Many eye care specialists today can take a close look at all parts of your eyes. Some may even offer a retinal scan to take an even deeper look. While you may still have to go to a more advanced specialist for certain issues, most general eye care professionals will be qualified to at least notice early warning signs of a larger problem. Your eye care doctor could notice that you might be at risk of a retinal detachment and send you to a retina specialist to take a closer look. That's not something you'd be able to discover on your own.

An Eye Care Check-Up Can Help You Diagnose a Disease or Chronic Problem

Many eye care clinics also do testing for glaucoma and other eye-related diseases. Don't assume worsening eyesight is just based on the fact that you are getting older. An eye care professional will be able to see if there is something else at work here that is causing the problem. They may then be able to suggest treatment or at least make adjustments to your prescription to account for the problem. To learn more, contact an eye care center.


20 July 2021

Visiting Your Optometrist Early

When a friend of mine started experiencing cloudy vision, they decided to put off a trip to their optometrist's office. Unfortunately, three months later, they found themselves completely blind in one eye—a condition that ended up being permanent. It turned out that they had an undiagnosed eye infection that destroyed their vision. After hearing about that problem, we realized that it might be smart to visit our eye doctor early—before permanent problems set in. Check out this blog for reasons not to skip out on early vision appointments, so that you can protect your family's vision and keep everyone happy and healthy.