Top 4 Signs You Need to See an Eye Doctor ASAP


Blindness is undoubtedly one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Yet, most people take their eyes for granted. 

Research shows that most eye conditions are preventable if caught early. Therefore, don't wait until you experience vision loss to get a professional examination. The good news is, your eyes will almost always tell you when something is wrong. Here are four warning signs it's time to see your eye doctor.

Difficulty Seeing at Night, Especially While Driving

Most people first notice changes in their vision while driving at night. That's because it's more difficult seeing objects in the dark over far distances. If you already have a certain eye condition, it becomes more noticeable then.  

The solution to poor vision at night could be as simple as getting a new prescription for glasses. But the problem could also be more severe, like a cataract, in which advanced treatments will be needed. To determine the problem and the appropriate treatments, visit your eye doctor for a professional examination. 

Double Vision

With healthy eyes, you should be able to see everything as one clear image. Your eyes work together with the brain to produce one coherent visual. If one or both of your eyes are producing double vision, there is a cause for concern.

Sometimes, double vision could be a sign of stress or fatigue. But if the problem is sudden in both eyes, you could be having serious eye diseases like cataracts, strabismus, weakened eye muscles, or even problems unrelated to the eyes like stroke. Hence, you should see your eye doctor immediately. 

Eye Pain

If you're experiencing continuous eye pain, don't wait to see if you will feel better. Common causes of eye pain include infections, allergies, dry eyes, a scratched cornea, inflammation, or irritation from a foreign object. 

Acute angle-closure glaucoma has also been known to cause severe eye pain. In most cases, it's accompanied by other symptoms like headaches, blurry vision, vomiting, and nausea and is considered a medical emergency. For this reason, eye pain should be taken seriously by seeking professional help. 

Red or Pink Eyes

Irrespective of whether there is accompanying pain or not, having red or pink eyes isn't normal.  The most common cause of red eyes is an infection caused by foreign bodies. If these bodies are ignored, they can lead to a scar that damages your vision permanently. Luckily, an eye doctor can diagnose your eye and remove these foreign bodies before any permanent damage has been caused. 

If your eyes are red or pink and also watery, chances are you're dealing with an infection. Prompt management and treatment of the infection will be needed before it can tamper with your vision. For further assistance, contact local optometrist services. 


1 November 2021

Visiting Your Optometrist Early

When a friend of mine started experiencing cloudy vision, they decided to put off a trip to their optometrist's office. Unfortunately, three months later, they found themselves completely blind in one eye—a condition that ended up being permanent. It turned out that they had an undiagnosed eye infection that destroyed their vision. After hearing about that problem, we realized that it might be smart to visit our eye doctor early—before permanent problems set in. Check out this blog for reasons not to skip out on early vision appointments, so that you can protect your family's vision and keep everyone happy and healthy.