Learn More About Cataract Surgery And What It Can Do For Your Vision


If you have cataracts, then you may be experiencing any number of symptoms that can range from mild to serious. Below, you can learn more about the symptoms that can come with having cataracts, as well as some of the benefits that come with having cataract surgery. Learn what a cataract is A cataract is a cloudy spot that develops in the eye as a person ages. It is caused by a collection of proteins in the eye that causes clumps.

4 December 2020

3 Signs You're Ready For Bifocals


Bifocals are prescription eyeglasses that enable you to have clearer vision for both close objects and objects that are far away. Many people have difficulty with both near and far-sighted vision beginning in their early forties. For others, this vision problem may come even sooner than that. If you aren't sure if you're ready yet for bifocals, a simple eye exam can help determine what type of prescription you need. Read on for signs that it may be time for bifocals.

17 August 2020

Is Your Shy Child Getting More Withdrawn Due to Strabismus? Contact an Optometrist Now


A shy child can be hard to raise. They are very fun and engaging around you but struggle to connect with others. And you were hoping that school would bring your child out of themselves. However, an eye condition known as strabismus seems to make them even shyer than they were before. Therefore, you need to visit an optometrist to give them the chance of overcoming this condition. How Strabismus Impacts Your Child

13 December 2019

Treatment Options For Diabetic Eye Disease


Uncontrolled blood sugar can affect your eyesight. High levels of sugar slowly damage the blood vessels in your eyes, causing them to leak blood into the eye. Your optometrist will be able to see the damage and leaking during a full eye exam for people with diabetes. This is why having regular eye exams is important for diabetics. The sooner the problem is found, the better the chances your eyesight can be saved.

5 November 2019

Preparing For Lasik Eye Surgery: What To Know


Lasik is a procedure in which the cornea in the eye is repaired and corrected to allow you to see properly. It's a quick procedure that is done in a single day and your vision is drastically improved in just a few days. Before having Lasik eye surgery, there are things you should know and preparations you should make beforehand. Read on for helpful information to prepare you for your eye surgery.

10 June 2019

4 Ways To Fight Back Against Dry Eyes This Winter


Dry eyes can really make wearing contacts a drag. Dry eyes are more common in the winter, when the air is drier inside due to the use of heaters. Here are a few ways to fight back against dry eyes so you can comfortably wear contacts. #1 Add a Humidifier to Your Home It can get really dry in the wintertime, and the use of heaters in your home can make the environment even more dry.

4 February 2019

Choosing The Right Eyeglasses: 4 Tips


You'd think that choosing a pair of eyeglasses is a simple task, that is until you're in the store looking at hundreds of frames that all begin to look the same after awhile. It may feel like an impossible fete that you'll ever find that perfect pair to suit you, but you'll find them. Read the tips below to help guide you and narrow down your search. 1. Shop In Store

29 October 2018